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RC280 E-K
Esophageal and Kidney Cancer
RC280.E8 - Esophageal Cancer RC280.K9 - Kidney Cancer

Esophageal Cancer
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RC280.E8.O145.1 - Thank heavens for the flu
Marjie O'Connor
Esophageal Cancer is relatively unusual, but it is also unusually lethal. The most recent statistics indicate an 85% mortality rate. It is the fastest-growing kind of cancer in the United States it is much more common in some other countries. There are actually two kinds of EC: adeno and squamous cell.
Link added 2006-05-21; reviewed 2008-10-13

RC280.K5 - Kidney Cancer
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RC280.K5.A243.1 - A Description of a Laprascopic Radical Nephrectomy
Walt A. Albro
A brief description of the discovery of a tumor in my right kidney, followed by the laprascopic procedure to remove the kidney. Surgery would be a laprascopic radical nephrectomy (hand assisted).
Link added 2006-05-21; reviewed 2008-10-13
RC280.K5.M192.1 - Kidney Cancer - A Hidden Killer
Robin Martinez
That was our introduction to kidney cancer. Often the symptoms are so general or vague that the kidneys are never considered...until it's too late.
Link added 2006-05-21; reviewed 2008-10-13

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First appeared October 13, 2008; reviewed June 17, 2011