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RC280.B8.G62.1 - Nerve Pain
Doris Ginsburg
I have this burning sensation at all times and the pain radiates to my back. All this time nobody mentioned that I may have nerve damage, maybe Drs are reluctant of saying that they cause the damage during surgery,
Link added 2006-05-21; reviewed 2008-10-07
RC280.B8.G113.1 - Fake Breast Cancer Survivor Statistics
Karen Gann
My (probable) eventual death from breast cancer will be overshadowed by my successful 5-year survival from this disease.
Link added 2006-05-21; reviewed 2008-10-07
RC280.B8.G130.1 - Some Thoughts on Getting Through Chemotherapy and Feeling Better
Linda Gustafson
With varying breast cancer diagnoses, experiences - treatments and lifestyles, these women found comfort in sharing the various things that worked for them when undergoing surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. Throughout treatment, many of these women focused on the overall body mind spirit connection, as well as dealing with the specific treatment and side effects that had to be addressed that day.
Link added 2006-02-05;
RC280.B8.G231.1 - Club N.E.D.
Terri Gray
But Club NED is waiting, and I'm going there, To the place where I'll once again have some hair.
Link added 2006-05-21; reviewed 2011-04-30
RC280.B8.G241.1 - Giving Hope
Vicki Gorski
I can't begin to tell you how grateful I am for the women living w/ mets, both face-to-face and on these list serves, I was put in contact with.
Link added 2006-05-21; reviewed 2011-04-29
RC280.B8.G371.1 - Breast Cancer Epidemiology and Hormone Replacement Therapy and Breast Cancer
Mindy Goldman, MD
Overview of Breast Cancer Epidemiology and Hormone Replacement Therapy, and Oral Contraceptives
Link added 2006-05-21; reviewed 2008-10-07
RC280.B8.H70.1 - Clinical Trials In Breast Cancer - Glossary Of Terms
Compiled by Fern Hassin
Glossary of Terms for Breast Cancer Clinical Trials
Link added 2006-05-21; reviewed 2008-10-07
RC280.B8.H139.1 - STOP Drive-Through Mastectomies
Louise Heyneman
Help eliminate the drive through mastectomy. The Breast Cancer Patient Protection Act H.R. 536 will require insurance companies to cover a minimum 48-hour hospital stay for patients undergoing a mastectomy.
Link added 2006-05-21; reviewed 2008-10-07


RC280.B8.J17.1 - Breast Cancer - The Biggest Killer
Ara Johnson
"Behind the warm and fuzzy pink ribbon events and perky celebrity survivors, there lies a dirty little truth; Breast Cancer has no cure.
Link added 2006-10-27; reviewed 2008-10-07
RC280.B8.J61.1 - Doreen Jaskela's Story
Doreen Jaskela
I chose The End of Life as the topic that was of great interest to me because that is the stage of the game that I am at right now.
Link added 2006-05-21; reviewed 2008-10-07

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First appeared May 21, 2006; updated April 30, 2011