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Forgotten and Hidden Botanical Knowledge contains information about healing, antibiotics, energetic, food and drink as compound drugs. Learn about the Five Fold Temperaments of Medicine and the Six States Necessary For Daily Preservation Of Health.

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Investigate Botanical Power - Let Food Be Your Medicine

Discover the correlation between Western Humoral Theory and antibiotic plant power. How does the forgotten wisdom of the Five Temperaments aid vibrant health, longevity and reproductive success? Investigate balancing foods in the diet to preserve body temperature, conserve strength, and restore well-being.

Contains practical knowledge on how to include the described 50+ medicinal plants. There are recipes to add the health benefits of medicated teas, oils, vinegar, and wines into your daily life. Includes general directions on how to create personalized formulae. This book has an exhaustive bibliography and glossary.

There are answers to questions such as: What spices contain strong antibiotic actions? Which plants are anti-inflammatory? Use kitchen herbs to support brain function? What herbs improve circulation? What botanicals to use for respiratory problems? What spices aid digestive health? What botanicals help to heal wounds? and more ...

Investigate Botanical Energetics - Let Medicine Be Your Food

If the physician is able to treat with foodstuffs, not medication, then he has succeeded. If, however, he must use medications, then it should be simple remedies and not compound ones. - Rhazes

Food and drink are compound drugs. The underlying principle is the concept of temper. Temper means to bring the Five Fold Temperaments of Medicine into an even state by a neutralizing or counterbalancing botanical. Attaining the temperate state preserves the body temperature, conserves strength and restores health. For those in a weakened unbalanced state, choose a therapeutic regimen using hygiene (food, drink, exercise, drugs).

Follow Avicenna’s Three Basic Principles of Treatment with Medication:
- 1.Select foods, drugs whose properties are opposite to those of the ailment.
- 2. What is the degree of heat, cold, humidity, and dryness of the medication?
- 3. Establish the drug dose.

There are external factors when choosing a botanical:
- 1. Know the seasonal differences. For instance, in summer with hot temperatures, you want to eat cooling foods—cucumbers, melons, ices, lettuce, etc. In winter choose warming botanicals—allspice, nutmeg, garlic, onions, etc.
- 2. Consider your age, constitution to personalize your choice of diet.
- 3. Learn The Six States Necessary For Daily Preservation Of Health is to achieve vital energy, life force, and mental capacity. Vital energy or Life Force occurs when the external and the internal worlds are in balance. A within as without is a central point of medicine and healing.

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