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4th Street Yoga
 - Healing Yoga This class is offered free of charge specifically to women who are healing from cancer. We work with a range of stretches that will slowly and caringly allow the body to return to a fuller range of movement. For more information call Barbara Voinar at 510- 528-443
All-Embracing Yoga Directory
 - Search the Yoga Directory by Country or by Yoga Tradition
Ananda Yoga & Meditation Center of Berkeley
 - The Berkeley Ananda Center is one group of an international network of meditation groups that follow the teachings of Paramhau nsa Yogananda a great Indian Master who lived from 1893-1952
Ananda Yoga and Meditation
 - Ananda Yoga has a spiritual dimension that is lacking in most of the yoga classes taught today... includes ethical precepts, dietary prescriptions, and physical exercise...
Yoga Directory: listings and links of yoga resources
 - The Yoga Directory contains a list of yoga teachers, yoga centers, organizations, books, music, yoga therapists, health products, yoga retreats, vacations, personals, and yoga traditions
Yoga for HIV/Aids, Cancer and other Life Challenges
 - by Jnani Chapman, RN - While yoga has been observed and experienced for more than 3,000 years to help maintain and restore health, it has only been recently introduced in the West...
Yoga In Illness and Health
 - Yoga offers many practices which individually and collectively activate relaxation and which may help to restore the p hysical body by providing more healthful and productive responses to stress.

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