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First Things to Know About the Web

by Alexandra Andrews, Annamarie Baldessari and Bob Gill

Examples used here are based on the latest version of the Netscape Communicator which includes the Navigator and mail/usegroup capabilities. Other browsers may rearrange these features but will usually include them in similar ways.

Mirror Sites The word Mirror in Computers means Alternative or Copy. When you read Mirror site(s) that means the website you are using has another web address you can go to for the same information.

The term URL means Uniform Resource Locator. When you see This is what it means  (http:// = Hypertext Transfer Protocol) + (www = World Wide Web) + (hostname = cancerlinks) + (.org = organization)

Now type in the address

LinksBrowser graphic

Type in the address into the window and then press Enter. This will take you to a page on the website named breast.html. This is what breast.html means. (breast = the webpage + html = Hypertext Markup Language) Don't forget UNIX is case sensitive so always use lower case.

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