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Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine
            Nancy Rakela, O.M.D. and L.Ac.

Edward Teddy Andrews

Berkeley Ananda Meditation and Yoga Center

Cancer Links A to Z

Cancerlinks - Mirror site on

CancerLynx - We Prowl the Net

Cancer Supportive Care
           by  Ernest H. Rosenbaum, MD, Isadora Rosenbaum, MA, Alexandra Andrews, WM, and David Spiegel, MD

Dr Amrik Singh Cheema Foundation Trust

Endometrial Cancer  for laymen and students
      by Mario Kopljar, MD

Entre Mujeres (Spanish breast cancer information)
      by Rosalind Dolores Benedet, RN, NP, MSN

Allison Taylor Holbrooks Breast Cancer Research Fund

Inflammatory Breast Cancer (RPBC)
      by  Alexandra Andrews, and David Bradley

Post Breast Therapy Pain Syndrome Information Handout

Yoga In Illness and Health
            by  Jnani Champman, RN

Community Websites by Cancerlinks LLC
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Breast Cancer Complementary Support Program 
A place for healing, growth and discovery

WomanKind Center at St. Mary's Medical Center

On Line Support Lists
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Cancer-Finance Discussion Group

Inflammatory Breast Cancer Discussion Group

Metastatic Breast Cancer Discussion Group

Metastatic General Cancer Discussion Group

Upcoming Websites
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Origins of Cancerlinks - our Books and Consultation
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Origins of CancerLinks:   On August 20, 1998. I was in the University of California at San Francisco Radiation Department waiting for my treatment. In the waiting room I struck up a conversation with another patient She told me that she wanted to use the internet to get information, but she did not know where to start. The web site was born! That night I wrote a list of web addresses on paper to distribute to local support groups and treatment center. In December of 1998, Bob Gill selflessly added his HTML skills. and hosted the beginning searchlists. Finally, under Building Opportunities for Self Sufficiency (BOSS), a non-profit agency, went on line February 14, 1999.    Peace and Light!! Alexandra

Web Access Made Easy - The Programmers Guide
by the Cancerlinks Team - pioneered the concepts and practice of full Internet access for blind and disabled persons, years before Section 508 of the American with Disabilities Act made it a requrement. Now, this book makes their special code-writing expertise available to you. One dollar of this book sale goes to Building Opportunities for Self-Sufficiency (BOSS), an organization dedicated to ending poverty and homelessness in our community $10.00 plus shipping and handling. Available in PDF or hard copy. Email or write Cancerlinks PO Box436, Berkeley, 94704

Consult the Cancerlinks Team
Is your Website multi-user friendly?
Can it be used by the eagle-eyed, the blind, the color blind and the bifocal visitor? Does it meet the new law , Federal IT Accessibility Initiative (Section 508).Do you want to improve your standing in the search engines? For project bidding to assess and make recommendations for your Website We offer a 10 minute free phone call or email to briefly inspect your Website email the Cancerlinks Webmaster, Alexandra Andrews at or to set up a time.

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The Medical Reporter
Alexandra's Story
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Cancerlinks LLC is committed to Web Site Accessibility. We took every effort in writing code for this website to ensure the visually impaired, will feel welcome here. Print any page by clicking on the print button of your browser.

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