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Pain Management

American Pain Foundation
 - The American Pain Foundation is a nonprofit information resource and patient advocacy organization serving people with pain...
The American Pain Society
 - The American Pain Society is a multidisciplinary educational and scientific organization dedicated to serving people in pain.
Cancer Hurts
 - For people whose oral medication is no longer effective or causes uncomfortable side effects, clinical studies have shown improved pain relief and comfort with intrathecal drug delivery therapy from Medtronic. Knowledge for action
 - Credible and accurate information on state of the art management of cancer pain.
Cancer Pain Resource Links from Janet Edrington RN MSN Oncology Certified Nurse /strong>
 -Listed below are a number of excellent web sites about cancer pain which will assist you in your search for more information .  Cancer pain research is a very dynamic field.
 - Cancer Pain is acute or chronic resulting from cancer or cancer therapy.
Partners Against Pain®
 - The Partners Against Pain Website was created by Purdue, the pharmaceutical company dedicated to providing the best possible care for people in pain.
Patt Center for Cancer Pain and Wellness
 - provides medical care for patients suffering of Cancer Pain or Chronic Pain
Pain Control Program from Cancer Supportive Care
 - "Pain can have a terrible effect on a cancer patient's life. It can lead to depression, loss of appetite, irritability, and withdrawal from social interaction, anger, loss of sleep and an inability to cope ..."
Pain Management
 - by Melanie Aguillard - a first hand account.
Pain Medicine & Pallative Care
 - Management of Pain & Other Symptoms from Beth Israel Medical Center
Pediatric Pain Education for Patients, Families & Nurses
 - The University of Iowa College of Nursing This site is dedicated to the control of pain in children and adults.
Persistent Pain after Breast Surgery
 - In a perfect world, I would see a patient 2-3 months post op. They would have "burning dysethetic" pain, with "allodynia" (things normally not painful, i.e., clothing touching or sheets on skin) and I would do the following: by Jim Barnett, MD
Physical Medicine Approaches To Pain Relief
 - one needs to know if the pain comes from movement, lack of movement, position of limbs, position of the entire body or such sources as muscle tension
Post Breast Therapy Pain Syndrome Information Handout
 - Includes: Introduction to Post-Breast Therapy Pain Syndrome, After Treatment & Talking to Your Medical Team About PBTPS, Suggestions for Alleviating PBTPS and an Upper Thoracic Nerves Graphic.
Post Breast Pain Syndrome Issues
 - chronic pain syndromes following breast cancer treatment has been estimated to occur in 20-25% patients undergoing axillary (armpit) d issection, with or without mastectomy, and appears to correlate with the extent of axillary surgery. Additional factors linked to breast cancer-associated chronic pain syndromes include polyneuropathies caused by chemotherapy and radiation therapy, which may be additive to impairments caused by surgery

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