Welcome to Cancerlinks! Our Website is specially designed to make searching the World Wide Web for information about cancer faster and easier. We have already conducted much of the search for you, so that your time can be more productively spent focusing on cancer subjects that interest you most. Each special topic in the table below contains links providing comprehensive information about cancer, its effects and treatment. We invite you to click away, and please tell us of any new cancer information resources which you may discover. We welcome your comments. Thank you.

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Origins of CancerLinks:   The Cancerlinks Website began on August 20, 1998. I was in the University of California at San Francisco Radiation Department Womens' Waiting Room. A woman told me how much she wanted to use the Internet but didn't know where to start. That night, I made a paper hand out of web addresses. In December of 1998, Bob Gill added his HTML skills. Acor.org and Saklan.com hosted the beginning searchlists. Cancerlinks.org, under Building Opportunities for Self Sufficiency a non-profit agency, went on line February 14, 1999.    Peace and Light!! Alexandra

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