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Association of Cancer Online Resources
 - The ACOR glossary currently has references to 1023 terms. You can either search for a term or look at the available ones.
Abbreviations Used On The Breast-Cancer Discussion List
 - This is Version 0.81 of our list of medical abbreviations used in discussions on the Breast-Cancer Discussion List
CancerHelp UK
 - Glossary from CancerHelp UK - Information About Cancer & Cancer Care

Cancer Glossary
 - The terms and definitions on this page have been compiled by the Nursing Advisory Board of Pharmacia & Upjohn Company to provide you with a better understanding of words frequently used in cancer care.
Clinical Trials In Breast Cancer
 - Glossary Of Terms Compiled by Fern Hassin
Endometrial Cancer Glossary
 - by Mario Kopljar, MD
Glossary of PCA Related Terms
 - from Prostate Pointers
Herbal Action
 - by Pam Fischer, Clinical Herbalist Glossary of Herbal terms used to help your understanding.
The Myeloma Alphabet Soup Handbook
 - Compiled and Edited by Tony Juliana - Medical abbreviations used in Myeloma articles
On-line Medical Dictionary
 - The On-line Medical Dictionary is a searchable dictionary of terms from medicine and related fields.
Prostate Cancer Glossary
 - Over 500 words, slang, acronyms & abbreviations, numbers
Technical Glossary of Breast Cancer Terms
 - Compiled by Peggy Devine, San Francisco SPORE Advocate A listing of technical terms useful in better understanding breast cancer.
Testicular Cancer Dictionary
 - Dictionary of Terms about Testicular Cancer

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