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E-Mail and E-Mail Etiquette

Alexandra Andrews, Teddy Andrews, Annamarie Baldessari,
David Bradley, Bob Gill, Larry Hengl, Michael McMillan


First Things to Know About E-Mail
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E-mails are messages between users, and can be used within a browser or with a separate application. The examples used refer to Nestcape Communicator, but other browsers will be similar.

email begin graphic

send a message

set email preferences

E-Mail Etiquette
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Think of the Internet as a world wide library with unlimited resources of information.

The Internet embodies the egalitarian ideal. No one cares what education you have, nor about color, age, or sex . No matter how tiny the town or how isolated the area, there is will be the Internet. The smallest library will offer connection.

Email is very exciting. You do not need to worry about time or space!

Here are some E-Mail Conventions to help you get started.

As a courtesy to others - please send emails in Plain Text, so that the text, fonts, colors, etc, can be changed to suit the reader's needs.

Some viruses can hide in the MIME emails, and harm computer systems. Worst of all, though, messages in MIME are very difficult for some modems to download. Plain Text avoids all such problems.

How to change e-mail settings to Plain Text.

Again, all browsers will have similar procedures.

open menus

Go to (and click on) Edit,

To choose the size of the fonts for easy readability do the following:
Under Preferences, find Appearance