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Our website tries to provide resources and valuable information for both patients and professionals on how to improve and promote high-quality cancer care and ways to improve quality of life and reduce toxicities of therapy through more effective and efficient means of promoting a cooperative and mutual association between the medical profession, cancer patients, and their families.

Worldwide Internet cancer supportive care offers pertinent information tailored to the unique needs and benefits of the seeker. In our knowledge seeking society, the ability to use a personal computer is essential in both the professional and private lives of millions of people around the world.

CancerLinks is proposing a new standard of organizing web pages using Library of Congress Classification. We have each page listed showing author, title, subject and when updated, answering these questions: Is the information on this web page credible? Who wrote it? When was it written? Has the information been revised? Current information is imperative in medical articles.

Class B - Philosophy. Psychology. Religion
Subclass BF - Psychology
Subclass BJ - Ethics
Subclass BL - Religions. Mythology. Rationalism including Meditation and Yoga
Subclass BV Practical Theology

Class GE - Environmental sciences

Subclass HD - Pharmaceutical industry

Class K - Law
Subclass KF1-9827 - Law of the United States Federal law. Common and collective state law

Class Q
Subclass QA - Computer Science including Internet Issues, Website Design and Security
Subclass QM - Human Anatomy Science
Subclass - QP Physiology including Genomics and Proteomics

Class R - Medicine
Class R723-726 - Medical philosophy. Medical ethics - Life and Death Instructions; Hospice Care

Subclass RA - Public aspects of medicine

Subclass RB - Pathology
RB127-150 Manifestations of disease - Massage, Physical Approaches to Pain Relief

Subclass RC - Internal Medicine
Neoplasms. Tumors. Oncology Including cancer and carcinogens
RC81 - Second Opinions
RC261 - Hypercalcemia

RC262-264 - Supportive Care, Coping, Diversions, Fatigue, Life Tapes, Pain, Quality of Life, Sexuality, Spirituality, Support Groups
RC266-269 - Anemia, Self-Care, Immunotherapy, Metastatic Cancer, Nursing Tips, Risk Assessment

RC270 - Cancer Educational Resources
RC271 - Chemotherapy, Drug Assistance Programs, Exercise, Integrative Medicine, Mucositis Oral, Esophageal, Eye and Gastrointestinal Problems and Solutions, Nutrition, Photodynamic Therapy, and Radiation Therapy

RC280.B48 - Bile Duct and Gall Bladder Cancer
RC280.B8 - Breast Cancer

RC280.E8 - Esophageal Cancer
RC280.K9 - Kidney Cancer

RC280.L5 - Liver Cancer
RC280.L8 - Lung Cancer
RC280.L9 - Leukemia Cancer

RC280.M3 - Myeloma Cancer
RC280.M6 - Oral (Mouth) Cancer
RC280.M37 - Melanoma Cancer

RC280.O8 - Ovarian Cancer
RC280.P7 - Prostate Cancer
PC280.P25 Pancreas (Pancreatic) Cancer

RC280.S8 - Stomach (Gastric) Cancer
RC280.S66 - Sarcomas Cancer

RC280.U8 - Uterine and Endometrial Cancer
RC280.V8 - Vulvar Cancer

RC409 - Neuropathy
RC547 - Sleep Disorders
RC646 - Lymphedema

RC734-776 - Lung Respiratory Issues
RC930 - Osteonecrosis
RC931 - Osteoporosis
RC1090 Transportation medicine Including automotive, aviation, and space medicine

Subclass RD - Surgery
RD598 - Ports (Medi-ports portacath)
RD667 - Surgery - Lumpectomy, Mastectomy (MRM) Entre Mujeres

Subclass RG - Gynecology and obstetrics
RG134 - Reproduction Issues and Sperm Banking
RG186 - Hot Flashes (Menopause-like Symptoms, Flushing)
RG491-493 - Breast Health and Fine Needle Aspiration (FNA) Biopsy

Subclass RM - Therapeutics Pharmacology Includes Drug Interaction and Information

Subclass RS - Pharmacy and Materia Medica Includes Herbal information

Subclass RT - Nursing

Subclass RZ - Other systems of medicine

T - Technology
Subclass TT - Handicrafts Arts and crafts

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First appeared May 21, 2006; Updated June 6, 2006