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Dying Bald
 - Some prefer to die as themselves, not as Cancer Patient 573607, and a bald head DEFINITELY gets in the way of their normal se lf-image. And its's easy to focus on the dismay of being bald and dying, rather than the fear and sadness of dying..
Fingernails, Toenails and Cancer Treatment
 -chemo drugs often cause finger and toe nails to become damaged or fall off altogether. Here are some strategies to try that co uld prevent losing the nails, or to soothe and help heal if the nails are lost.
Glamour Hair
 -We are the internet's largest selection of high quality wigs, 100% human hair extensions, and hair care products...
Knitting Pals By The Bay - The Chemo Cap Project
 - The Knitting Pals By The Bay came into being w ith one purpose and goal, to knit chemo caps for cancer patients of all ages in our Bay Area community. The need is great and the project is ongoing.
Locks of Love
 -provides quality hair prosthetics for children under the age of 18 who have developed long-term medical hair loss
Look Good...Feel Better
 - a free public service program for cancer patients.

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