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Inflammatory Breast Cancer (rapidly progressing breast cancer: RPBC)
by Alexandra Andrews, Inflammatory Breast Cancer Survivor and David Bradley

Inflammatory Breast Cancer (rapidly progressing breast cancer: RPBC)
is a relatively rare form of breast cancer (about 1-4%), which has the worst prognosis of all breast cancers. IBC/RPBC is fast-growing and blocks the lymph vessels in the breast and skin. Swollen lymph nodes may appear under the arm or above the collarbone Age, Pregnancy or Sex is no barrier. The very young have been diagnosed with IBC/RPBC. Men can have IBC/RPBC. Pregnant or Lactating Women have developed IBC/RPBC.

For your peace of mind, insist on a complete workup to rule out the more common benign problems. But very frequently, IBC/RPBC is not diagnosed immediately because it is rare. Many doctors and health professionals do not know about IBC/RPBC. A good suggestion is to be seen at your nearest teaching hospital.

Symptoms may include any of the following:

What is most important is that you start treatment right away!

Do not be discouraged by old information. Many in the medical profession remember when all they could say was - "Go home and get your affairs in order."

Much of the material available in print was written before the introduction of multi-modality treatments. Now there are new chemotherapies, hormonals, radiation plans and other agents.

Today many of us are alive and thriving.
The IBC list to brings hope and support at

Alexandra's Story
by Joel Cooper


In memorium,June Peterson,founder of the Flammes and Menya Wolfe

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