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The CancerLinks Mission is to provide complete access to information about cancer for patients, medical providers and any one in need.

Our motto is, "No one will be afraid in the Dark of Ignorance !"

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Peace and Light!! Alexandra Andrews  & Louise Heyneman

Web Master:   Alexandra Andrews, Inflammatory Breast Cancer survivor

Cancer Links has had advice from many people especially the women in our support network:

Alta Bates Medical Center
Building Opportunities for Self Sufficiency
Breast Cancer Personal Support and Lifestyle Intervention Research Trial at UCSF/Mount Zion
Charlotte Maxwell Clinic,   Oakland  CA
Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine
Metastatic Breast Cancer Online Support Group
Patients diagnosed with metastatic cancer
UCSF Cancer Center: Breast Oncology
A complete listing of our web sites and lists is available on
Cancerlinks LLC

We wish to Thank the following for their advice and input.

Louise Abbott;  Melanie Aguillard;  Pam Akazawa, C.M.D.;  Kathleen Alioto, PhD; Debbie Avaloz;  Annamarie Baldessari;  Robert Barrer;  Ari Barron, MD;  Daniel Barth;  Madeline Bassnett;  Pete Bevin;  Bill Baker;  Rosalind Benedet;  Lionel C. Bethancourt;  Brian Boni, MD;  Zaven Boni;  Jose R.Borbolla, MD;  David Bradley;   Alison Brady, BA;   David Braun;  Alice Brydges, CFP, CMT;  Russell E. Burgess, MD ;  Peter R. Carroll, MD ;  Anna Chang ;  Janni Chapman;  boona cheema, LhD;  Don Cooley;  Joel R. Cooper;  Deborah Collyar;  Emile Daniel, MD ;  Peggy Devine;  Carole Devlin;  Kristie Dold, BA;  Charles Dollbaum, MD, PhD;  Gilles Dorsai;  Lise Dyckman;  Janelle Eckhardt; RN, MA  James E. Eichel, MD ;  Mary Lou Ernest, NP;  Virginia Ernster, PhD;  Diane R. Estrin;  Sonja Fitz;  Gilles Frydman;  Rev. Laurie Garrett M.Div;  Jim Fulks;  Bob Gill;  Mari Gill;  Sam Gipe;  Laura Goldbaum, RN ;  Seri Gomberg, BS, MS;  Robert S. Gould, MD;  Joe Gray, PhD;  Nima Grissom, MD;  Linda Gustafson;  Deborah Hamolsky, RN, MS, OCN;  Ruth Harmon;  Fern Hassin;  Ann Hellman;  Larry Hengl  Heather Henry, MD, PhD;  Donald Heyneman PhD;  Henry Hernandez; Dell Hestor;  Janice Hoobler;  Gary Huckabay, PhD;  Lee Humble;  Robert Ignoffo, PharmD  Sylvine Jerome, MD;  Owen Johnson;  Art Kern;  Andrew W. Kneier, PhD ;  Mario Kopljar, MD;  Carol Kronewetter, PhD.;  Deborah Krupp;  Henry Kuerer, MD, PhD;  Rebecca LePere;  Ellen G. Levine, PhD, MPH Michael Lewis;  Shirley McKenzie, RN, OCN;  Thomas McKearn, MD, PhD;  M.J. McKeown, MD;  Ulan McKnight;  Michael McMillan;  Scott McNeil;  Donna Michel, RN, BCN;  Oscar Miranda;  Archie Mitchel;  Dolores Moorehead;  John Muster, PhD;  Diane Neighbor, MA DTR;  Liz O'Hara;  Jeanne Oshima;  Norman Pancner;  Cindy Perlis BS, MFA ;  Jackie Pugh;  Jeanne Quivey, MD;  Nancy Rakela, OMD, LAc  Hector Ramos;  Margo Mercedes Rivera-Weiss;  Gerald Robertson;  Paul I. Roda, MD Ernest Rosenbaum, MD;  Isadora Rosenbaum, MA;  Rafat Shalaby, PhD;  Syreeta Sheppard;  Bambi Schwartz;  Diane Scott-Dorsett, RN, PhD, FAAN;  Caroline Slayton;  Eric Small, MD;  Howard Soule, PhD; Dona Spring, Berkeley City Council Member  Sandra Stark;  Nina Steinberg ;  Brook M. Stone,MSW, LCSW;  Carol Suveda ;  Elisabeth Targ, MD;  Frank Thornally;  Debu Tripathy, MD;  Gail Uchiyama;  Jan Vargo;  Howard Waage;  Malinda Walker;  Bill Weber;  Alison Wilson;  Lisa Winter;  Menya Wolfe;  Frederick S. Wright, MD ;  Susie Wunderlich;  partial list

Thank you Lanminds for e-mail and computer advice.

Thank you Joel Cooper   editor in chief The Medical Reporter for the graphics.


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